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What We Do

What We Do

  • Fire – building, vehicle, grass/brush, etc

  • Rescue – motor vehicle accidents, vehicle entrapment/extrication, missing persons search, water-related incidents

  • Technical Rescue – low angle rescue, elevator entrapment, industrial/machinery rescue

  • Medical – critical incidents such as cardiac arrest and traumatic injuries. Also respond to other incidents to assist Spartanburg EMS when requested

  • Hazardous Materials (HazMat) – Member of Spartanburg County HazMat team and responds to countywide incidents

  • Service Calls – Assists the public with inspecting and installing smoke alarms, child locked in a vehicle scenarios, and much more

  • Assistance Calls – Responds to “mutual aid” calls with neighboring departments, and assists county and state law enforcement when requested​

About Our District

  • Approximately 27 square miles

  • Roadway, interstate, railway, and water

  • Residential, commercial, and industrial


  • Each shift trains weekly to remain up-to-date on skills and new topics

  • Monthly training includes all employees, as well as neighboring departments, and allows all crews to share knowledge and better serve our fire districts together as a team

  • Members regularly attend SC State Fire Academy courses, Federal classes, and firefighter conferences to expand their skill sets

  • Individuals with advanced certifications stay up-to-date and maintain certification through quarterly courses

Fire Safety and Education

  • Fire prevention and safety is accomplished through public education

  • Smoke alarm installation by fire department staff at no cost – alarms provided by American Red Cross

  • Smoke alarm inspection and home safety inspection

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