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Meet the Team

John Alley - Chief
Mark Foster - Assistant Chief
Tina Robinette - Fire Marshal
Shift A

Cameron Alley- Lieutenant Shift Supervisor


Hunter Knight- Probationary Firefighter


Tylor Brooks- Probationary Firefighter

Shift B

Dakota Brooks- Lieutenant Shift Supervisor


Andrew Gregory- Probationary Firefighter


Patrick Walters- Probationary Firefighter


Tanner Tolleson Probationary Firefighter

Shift C

John Fore Lieutenant/ENT, Shift Supervisor


Remington Caldwell, Firefighter


Walker Petree, Firefighter


  • Thomas Boyer, Chairman

  • Wesley Burcham, Vice Chairman

  • Erika Boyer, Secretary

  • Philip Caruso, Member

  • Robbie Easler, Treasurer

  • Dean Franklin, Member

  • Gene Grigg, Member

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